1. Going on vacation:
Turn off your water.  A little leak can turn into a large mess.  

If you are unsure of how to do this, just call our office.  

We will gladly show you at no charge.

2.Change your air filters regularly:
Changing your air filters increases the efficiency of your heating and

air conditioning equipment, prolongs the life of your heat exchanger,

and prevents warranty issues.

Cold during the winter?

Tired of paying high fuel bills? Use a space heater

or alternative fuel sources correctly.  Use caution.  

Not only are space heater a fire hazard if kept too close to combustible material,

they can cause your pipes to freeze.  The majority of our calls over the winter are caused by

space heaters being used in the same room as your thermostat.  Your thermostat reads a warm temperature and does not kick on your heating unit.  Even though your room is warm, the rest of your house may be subject to freezing.

Remove hose from outside faucet.  

Leaving hose attached does not allow the water to drain and causes a huge mess come Spring.

Even though drain-opening products sound reliable and make many promises, they don’t work on clogged drains. 

Putting acid in a clogged drain eats away your pipes and poses a hazard that we have to address to open your drain.  Mixing non-similar chemicals can cause an explosion.  If you choose to use these products, use as a preventative maintenance product and use caution.

Have a septic system with a sand mound or drain field? 

Septic scrub keeps your system functioning properly.  Also, have the tank pumped every 3 years.  Spending a little now will prevent huge expenses later.

Hard water is not only frustrating, but causes build-up in your washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker, faucets, etc. 

This build-up drastically reduces life expectancy of these appliances.

Even a slow leak in your toilet or from a faucet can lead to high water bills.  

Three drops of food coloring in your toilet can help you find even the smallest leak.

9. Inspect sump pump and surrounding areas. 

Debris that gets sucked into the pump can lead to pump failure and can cause a flooded basement.

Have a plumbing question?  Just give us a call…….

We will be happy to help you in any way that we can.  Or, we can schedule a visit to do a maintenance check on your home or business at no charge.


Helpful Hints